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A platform that gives users a diverse catalogue of NFT games to play. It even offers an avenue for game developers to integrate crypto wallets into their games. i) Nft games store (A subset of Gamic)

It serves as the official app store for certified games. It enables developers to publish their NFT games and allows users to play, browse or download crypto supported applications.

Gameplay Entry Fees

Players of NFT games pay an entry fee for all of the gameplay modes.

Gameplay Rewards

A portion of the gameplay fees collected will be used as player rewards, to be granted to participating players based on their performance and position on the leaderboard. A portion of the gameplay fee will also be paid as dividends to NFT’s owners.


Owners of SNFTs earn, the amount of which is determined by the creator on funraising.

Game Operations

The Game Operations pool will provide gameplay incentives as new features are rolled out, by increasing the rewards for initial engagement.

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